Smartphone Film-Making

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

The mainstream media is generally slow on the uptake. A fact which is far more evident in the today’s era of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. It is generally accepted that one can garner a much better understanding of what is going on in the world form the blogsphere than the apocryphal world of newspapers. One only needs to look at the recent breaking of super injunctions on twitter and Facebook to realise that news is quite often better received from sources on hte internet. Indeed, there were certain facts revealed at that time that I would still to this day not be at liberty to divulge on this blog, much to the delight of certain media personalities. Similarly was the case when the riots where taking place in London. While the sky copter gave up occasional views from the sky, and the odd reporter braved the rioting masses with a smartphone camera to capture the violence, the computer literate among us took to twitter for our news, where the residents of the capital where themselves consenting to report the goings on outside their windows. It was not rare during those two or three nights of surfing twitter to see something become a trending topic a good half an hour before it became ‘breaking news’ on any of the high profile news outlets. During this time, many amateur videos of the goings on in the capital were uploaded to to internet, which gave those of us who took the time to look a far better appreciation of the goings on that those who only watched the news

The disposable film festival of DFF was created in 2007 to celebrate the artistic potential of disposable video: short films made on non-professional devices. It has been repeatedly called one of the world’s “coolest film festivals” This has burgeoned in popularity over the last few years to become an outlet for a lot of people to show short films made using their smartphones. This is something else that the mainstream media has seemed wholly ignorant of but suddenly they too are taking an interest and 2012 looks like it could be the year the rest of hte world finally catch up. These films are called disposable because they were originally filmed on disposable one use video cameras but the films themselves are far from being disposed of, becoming more and more prominent in a world where the average persons ability to broadcast themselves is becoming more and more prominent.

The festival themselves say

“The Disposable Film Festival supports and celebrates the democratization of cinema made possible by new, inexpensive video technology, offering a legitimate forum in which the work of zero-budget and non-traditional filmmakers is taken seriously and exhibited in theaters around the United States and internationally. Through workshops, competitions, panels, and other events intended to educate and inspire, the Disposable Film Festival promotes experimentation and helps build the track record needed for a new generation of filmmakers to enter and change the industry”


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