Filming with iphones

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Thanks to the advancement of camera phones, making a documentary has never been easier. The iphone 4 is capable full HD quality filming, which even a couple of years ago, was only available from top of the line cameras. The ability to carry a HD camera around in one’s pocket has greatly simplified the process of recording, editing and publishing a film.

Here is a link to a site where they review the app, and test it on video

While the iphone is good for filming and incredibly easy to manoeuvre, it has a few draw backs. Not only is its’s small sensor not ideally suites for high-quality HD shooting, but a smartphone can be difficult to hold when filming, and I often found it awkward when making my film. The difficulty in holding the camera can often result in shakier than usual footage, which is a big drawback and, and in fact, camera shake was occasionally present in my film. To counteract this however, a new app called DollyCam has been released, which is also compatible with the ipad 2 which helps to soften the blow of camera shake by allowing the user to successfully stabilize their videos. I haven’t had a chance to test the app for myself, but I have seen it at work in several you tube videos, and it certainly appears to do the job that it claims. the only drawbacks seem to be it can soften the capture of sound, and appears to take about 5 minutes to process as it can’t work in real time. Considering the app costs only £2.99, it’s a lot cheaper than the other option, which is a steadicam designed specifically for the iphone, which appears to do the job much better but costs a minimum of £140 to buy new.

This link will take you to the £140 alternative


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