Apple Plan to Ban Filming Gigs on Iphone

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized


This is a news story which suggests apple have been working on software that will prevent iphone users from filming live gigs on their phone cameras. This seems like a naive move by apple who have obviously spent millions developing their phone cameras, only to stop people using them. Videos from the crowd of a show often give a unique perspective which licensed coverage can rarely achieve, yet the sound quality is usually so lacking they are unlikely to ever be a substitute for album versions of songs.

All this aside, my my main problem with this is weather this technology will be able to tell the difference between a professional concert and one at a small local venue. Some up and coming bands obtain valuable followers through vewis of these videos on youtube, so making it impossible to film any gigs whatsoever seems like it could be detremental to music as a whole.

In my opinion, It should be the audiences choice weather or not to film a gig. Some people like to have these videos as a memento, others as their only way of re-listening to an as yet unreleased song, but one thing is for sure, this level of control over the way people use their hardware cannot be good for this industry. As if SOPA wasn’t enough


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