Learning Agreement

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Name: Olly Emmett
Course: BA (Hons) Digital Media Production Level: 6
Unit: Specialist Project
Credit points: 30
Study hours: 300 hours
Tutor(s): Phil Beards, Liam Birtles
Synopsis of study


For this project I want the create a short documentary, about 6 minutes, focussing on the occupy Bournemouth demonstration and the people who have become part of it. The idea is for my film to give an alternative view to the media coverage, which I believe has been wholly one sided against the movement. In fact, the only paper that appears to have consistently shown any kind of solidarity with the movement is the guardian, and even they aren’t entirely unbiased. The general media has actually prompted most of the demonstrators to seek out their news elsewhere, many going to the internet to visit sites such as Indy Media or even turning to far left papers such as the socialist worker.

I also want to film this documentary solely using the iphone 4. I’ve seen recently, they’ve been used to make a feature film in South Korea and they now have full HD cameras so I believe it will be an interesting experiment to see what kind of quality I can get while just using them.

I want to go down and spend 3 or 4 days with the demonstrators so I can get an idea of the kind of experience they’re having while camped there. I want to know how the general public react to them and see first hand how they deal with the questions and problems of the local people.

I think part of the intimacy of this film will be gained through the fact that I’ll get to know the demonstrators, and I’ll be able to get the camera out at any time when they’re saying something interesting, rather than doing what the reporters so, and getting their opinions in a couple of minutes. Because of this, I want to avoid using microphones because I feel having to lug them around and the set up, will take away from the spontaneity of the footage.

I would like to create a film that could potentially help to change public opinion of the demonstration, Most of the people who go to the protest to complain about their presence end up leaving in a much better mindset about the whole thing, because they’re there trying to improve life for everyone. I would like to think my film can serve the same purpose as these talks the protesters have with the locals, something they can go on to you tube and watch to hopefully change their opinion, so next time instead of shouting “get a job” maybe they’ll bring food and fuel in support of a good cause.

Using Iphones is as much a personal experiment into filming on small cameras as it is a tool to gain more intimacy. I love the idea that everybody has a HD camera in their pocket. I you look back to 9/11, so much of the footage is taken from bystanders who happened to be holding a camera. Now days, when something interesting happens at any time, it’s not at all difficult for a group of people to set up an impromptu 3 camera shoot. I love the idea that we’re in a time were nothing has to be missed, because of the quality of peoples camera phones.


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