Filming with Iphones

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Part of my reason for using iphones for this project was my that I thought it would allow me to gain a greater sense of intimacy.I wasn’t just a reporter who turned up for five minutes got some opinions and left again, I spent four days ingratiating myself into the group and explaining the purpose of my short film to them, to the point where they were more than happy to be part of it, because they believe it will benefit their cause. For this same reason, I decided not to use microphones. I was able to sit around the fire and have a conversation about the issues at hand, and any time I thought something was relevant to my film, I’d take out the phone and ask if they’d mind me filming them talking about that issue. If I’d had to mess about setting up microphones, I think it could have been slightly intimidating, whereas the way I did it allowed me to get a sense of intimacy, because I was part of the group at this point. Most of the people there at first expressed slight reservations about appearing on camera, so I felt it helped my cause for it to look easy. I think sound may have suffered slightly due to this, but I feel the intimacy and feeling of the film will  be improved no end by this same move.


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