The King Blues – The Streets Are Ours

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

The King Blues are one band who have never shied away from political activism Their inspiring political lyrics have helped to show solidarity with many of the political movements and protests in the United Kingdom. They have even been know to make appearances at protests to play songs perform spoken word and speak.

This song specifically, is an anthem for protesters and rioters everywhere referencing Tienanmen Square and the 69 Chicago riots to name just two. They have also been seen to burn a copy of  the daily mail in the video for their song “Set The World on Fire” and never play a gig without taking time to mention some political movement they are involved in. Itch, the lead singer, often talks of his work with the group “Unite Against Fascism” who are an anti fascist pressure group and regularly make appearances at EDL rallies and BNP marches in support of the police and representing the true views of Britain. In one famous instance they even protected Muslim’s from EDL members wielding claw hammers when the far right group appeared in protest of a newly built mosque. I actually discovered Unite Against Fascism through the King Blues after Itch urged fans to join at one of their concerts, I have since become incredibly impressed by their work and decided to join.

Because of this I would like to use this song by the king blues, in some capacity, in my documentary. I feel because it supports protest, it will be a relevant piece to use.


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