Occupy Bournemouth

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today I visited the new occupy Bournemouth protest in Boscombe. I spent about 4 hours there talking to people about their views, and finding out who would be the best people to talk to. I took some photos and interviewed one person on camera. I won’t be able to use the footage I filmed for the documentary as the footage and sound weren’t really up to standard, but I got good experience of the kind of questions to ask. I got some good responses and I found out the names of some other people I an speak to. I heard about a group called BH unit, who operate in Bournemouth. They have been doing free hugs in the town enter and Boscombe area and speaking to people about the protest. This weekend they plan to dress like bank robbers and stand in the area outside Nat-West and Barclays in Boscombe and hand out fake bank notes. I would like to try and film some of this and perhaps interview some of them. There area also some members of the group Anonymous among the protesters who I would like to speak to.

I also want to try and get some interviews with the general public about how they feel about the protests. There was apparently a Woman in the flats above the the occupied area who started the week regularly shouting obscenities at the protesters and trying to get them to leave, however since speaking to them and finding out what they stand for, she is now in full support of the movement and even brings them food and supplies. Sine she lives in the area and knows the protesters I am planning to try and get an interview with her.




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