Occupy Protest Documentary

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

When I received the email back from the local council I began to worry because I realised the protesters could be evicted earlier than I thought, which could limit the time I had to film interviews with the protesters and later in the day my worries were further heightened by another email I received updating me on the  circumstances. It basically said the protesters had to be gone by the next day.



Please find below a statement from Bournemouth Council regarding the Occupy Bournemouth protest. Please note we will not be offering interviews today.

Many thanks






We are pleased with the Court’s judgement and will now proceed with arrangements for eviction of the Occupy Bournemouth camp.  We are not able to say at this stage when eviction will take place as we are awaiting confirmation of the Bailiff’s availability.   We very much hope that, now the Court has upheld our possession order, the Occupy Bournemouth protesters will leave peacefully and immediately.


Our aim has always been for a peaceful resolution to this situation.


We reiterate that we have sought this eviction because of the negative impact the occupation could have on the numerous members of the public using public amenities at the Town Hall, including weddings and civil partnerships, attending Council meetings and the registration of births and deaths. 


In addition, with the Remembrance Day Civic Procession – which includes representatives of the armed services as well as the Borough’s two ‘free’ Regiments, the Rifles and the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment – formally processing from the Town Hall to the Central Gardens War Memorial on Sunday, we would urge Occupy Bournemouth to show respect for these events and vacate the site immediately.


This was a serious problem for my documentary as the earliest I’d been able to secure the chance to borrow a camera had been the 11th of November. I decided to borrow the camera anyway and head down to the site on the morning of the 11th and see what footage I could get. I arrived at the town hall at 11 o’clock to find the protesters all but moved on, there was one person still clearing up a tent but police were present and clearly eager to get the protesters moving so there was no point in trying to interview anyone.

When this was still an option I decided to write some questions I would ask the protesters.


  1. Why are you here personally?
  2. How do you feel about the media portrayal of the occupy movement?
  3. Are you truly anti communist?
  4. I see people in the pictures with copies of the socialist worker, do you consider yourself to be a socialist and do you consider this in itself a purely socialist movement.
  5. Is it a banking issue for you? the only solid view I have seen appears to be the desire for a distinction between investment and utility banking.

I had also planned to film some general conversation between some of the protesters about their views to give an idea of how they talk to each other and the sort of debate they have together at the site, I thought this would also give some insight into the diversity of peoples views and help to show the public that while not everybody there feels the same way, they all seem to support a cause of similar views and share a communal desire for the re-branding of capitalist society.



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