Occupy Documentary

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

While I was still considering this as an option I looked at the part comedy has played in the popularization of the occupy movement. With strongly political comedians such as Andy Zaltman and Mark Thomas becoming involved in some capacity. Zaltman Did a performance of his current stand-up show for the protesters from the steps of St. Paul’s cathedral while Mark Thomas visited the newly acquired occupation of a London bank to protesters. Mark Thomas’ interview appeared online via a live stream as he was questioned by protesters wearing the surreal guy forks masks made popular by the recent film adaptation of V for Vendetta.

This particular part, as far as I know, wasn’t broadcast online but it is in the same vein as what I saw. Mark Thomas has in the past used his brilliant comedy to take down the torturous regime of the Indonesian government. And he is now using his influence closer to home to help popularise the occupy protest.


I tried to find some footage of Andy Zaltman’s show on the steps of St. Paul’s but none appears to exist.


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