Occupy Documentary

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since Occupy Bournemouth have found a new site I’ve decided to re-visit my earlier idea of creating a documentary about them. I think the media coverage of the occupy movement has been biased towards the other side and has wholly failed to show the protesters in a fair light. With this short documentary I would aim to give these people a chance to air their views and hopefully, to show the general public that they really do have a strong point.

When I visited Occupy LSX outside St. Paul’s one thing that quickly became clear was that the protesters were joined in their ideas than the media portrayed. Whilst it is true some of them are more left wing than others, I didn’t get the feeling these people were campaigning for the end of capitalism, but merely a re-branding. One very solid view point I got from the protesters was their dis-taste with the current banking system. After I’d been there a few minutes, I discovered the open microphone, where, it seemed, anybody could go up and make there point to the gathered “99%” who would show their approval or dis-taste with thier now infamous “jazz hands” an alternative to the traditional clap, which they believe interrupts people from expressing their important views and the best response I heard was from the second speaker I saw, who stood up to talk about the banking system. He expressed his own disgust that there is no distinction between utility banking and investment banking which essentially means the bank take the money you invest, and gamble with it. This was just one of many views that was echoed by almost all the people I spoke to and made me realise that these protesters are are more than the disjointed mis-guided movement the mass media has made them out to be. I want to speak to some of the protesters and find out what this movement means to them. Ideally I will find that unprompted, they will echo a firm joint belief, and I will be able to put something out there that shows the solidarity everyone feels is missing, is present in these protests after all


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