Filming on an Iphone

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve decided I want to film this documentary using an iphone. The reason for this is very simple, I like the idea of using a very small device to film. I think they are perfect for documentary making and investigative work as well as guerilla film making due to their size and the fact that they are fairly cost effective as everybody has one. Also, if i wasn’t at uni, with access to the film store, Iphones would be one of the most cost effective options for filming, so in this sense it is useful research.

I like the idea of filming on phones because everyone has them in their pockets. People have been capturing things on the spur of the moment for years, but now with the advancement of phone cameras, most can even film in high definition, making them a useful tool for the amateur film maker. gone are the times when things were captured with grainy footage from one angle, giving rise to comments on youtube such as “did you record this with your cat” Anybody at any time can have a 3 camera HD shoot ready in a matter of seconds if something interesting happens.

The manoeuvrability of these cameras is also very useful, there is no extended set up time or loading up a van, If one hears about an interesting subject, they can be straight in the car in a matter of seconds and on their way to film. obviously this is an experiment for me, and may not yield fantastic footage, but that’s the point of the project, to see if iphone’s are a viable option to make a professional quality piece of film or documentary in a short space of time.

I also thing the iphone camera could become a must have piece of kit for the investigative journalist, as one can film or record sound very discreetly on a phone without drawing attention to themselves. For example, in 1999 when Mark Thomas smuggled cameras into the arms fair in Athens to dis credit the arms dealers, this must have been incredibly difficult. Cameras were strictly banned and his team had to very discreetly smuggle them in. All the filming they did was done using a camera hidden in a bag. Imagine how easily one could do something like this now days, with the size and manoeuvrability of mobile telephone cameras. That in itself makes this project a valuable experiment for me, as I would one day like to attempt something similar in the name of comedy. A I’ve said before, I plan to start a comedic podcast for my next project, and while this will be concentrating on light hearted satire, I would later on like to attempt to move into this more exciting field.


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