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After watching Requiem for Detroit I felt inspired to make a documentary about modern society, So I decided to focus on the occupy protests and try to make an un-biased documentary focusing on the difficulty of the protesters and the problems the local council’s, parish of St.Paul’s  and other governing bodies have with protesters on their public land. I decided to to use the occupy Bournemouth protest mainly, as they were local and I felt I might be able to get interviews with them more easily, and it may have been easier to gain their trust.

The first thing I did in preparation for this project was phone the local council and attempt to arrange an interview to talk about their feeling about the occupy protests. I thought It would be better to get their views first so I could question the protesters about them, as I would have more time to speak to the protesters and would be able to question more of them. Unfortunately the council told me since the story of the local protest had made the national news, they were dealing with interviews with the major press, and wouldn’t be able to think about doing anything else until the pressure of the protest died down. They said they might be able be able to get me something in the next two or three weeks and to send them an email so the request was on their records. This is the reply I recieved.

Hi Olly

Thank you for your enquiry

Please note we are not offering interviews at this stage.

For your information the following press statement was issued yesterday afternoon. 

We will continue to keep you up to date with our latest statements.

Many thanks






At approximately 2.15pm today (9th November) we were notified by Court that Occupy Bournemouth had lodged an appeal to suspend the warrant for possession and an application to appeal against the possession order.


The Court therefore suspended the warrant of possession until determination of the application to appeal against the possession order.  A legal representative for the Council will return to Court at the appointed time on Thursday 10th November. 


We reiterate that we have sought this eviction due to the negative impact the occupation could have on public amenities at the Town Hall, including weddings and civil partnerships, and Council meetings. 


In addition, with Armistice Day on Friday and the Remembrance Day Civic Procession – which includes representatives of the armed services as well as the Borough’s two ‘free’ Regiments, the Rifles and the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment – formally processing from the Town Hall to the Central Gardens War Memorial on Sunday, we would urge Occupy Bournemouth to show respect for these events and vacate the site immediately.




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