Research, Set the World on Fire – The King Blues

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized


The video for set the world on fire captures the political element of the king blues music perfectly and only manages to add more to the song. The song is an anarchist anthem, talking of burning everything down and starting again, likely a metaphor for the bands left wing views, as they’ve been known to be involved in the student protests and occupy wall street. In the video the lead singer uses a mallet to smash into his suit wearing next door neighbours house and lay waste to his living room. He then proceeds to pick up a copy of the Daily Mail from the kitchen table and set it on fire with a cigarette lighter. I like this video because it works so well with the song, helping to build on the message in the song. The King Blues often talk on stage about how when they first released the video they sent a copy of it to the Daily Mail, stating that they “thought maybe they’d give it a plug or a review” undoubtedly trying to provoke a reaction from the paper. According to the band, the Daily Mail responded to the video by saying if the band ever mention the paper or used their name or image their videos or music again they would “sue the band for every penny they had” Which itch of The King Blues often says is “about 20 quid”


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