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Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Name: Olly Emmett
Course: BA (Hons) Digital Media Production Level: 6
Unit: Specialist Project
Credit points: 30
Study hours: 300 hours
Tutor(s): Phil Beards, Liam Birtles
Synopsis of study
for the specialist project I plan to create a live music video for a local band. I’m going to film an entire set and try to take the best five songs from that to create a short live DVD which they can hopefully use in their promotion. I think it’s important to create something that will look good as part of a portfolio, as well as something that I can build on for the Extended Major Project. I’m also working on a study of how music videos can change the way a listener perceives a song for my investigative study, so I’m hoping I can gain some useful insight from that to help in my specialist project.
Towards the end of last year, for my professional project, I was able to work with The Longest Day and MC Lars to create live performance videos. I want to build on the work I did there and try to improve upon the quality as well as experimenting with new techniques. One thing that suffered especially on the work I did last year was the sound quality. This was due the first time to the sound not being taken through the board at one venue and the foztex only recording through one channel at the other. I think the best way to deal with this is to mic up the band myself so I have more control over the sound levels. This will hopefully help me create something where the sound is of professional quality as well as the video footage. When I filmed MC Lars at the end of last year I used digital single lens reflexes I found that using these cameras gave better results than I’d had previously so I plan to use the canon 5D and 550D’s to film for this project. The other advantage of these is the light weight, which makes it possible to get in with the crowd to get some interesting shots.


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